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Forest & the Evergreens “Lady”


When you’re this good, it’s just so easy.

It’s easy to to get booked alongside bands such as Mumford & Sons, Kendrick Lamar and Walk The Moon. It’s easy to get regular press in a vibrant music scene, be named “Band to Watch” from multiple publications, and “Best Local Band” by a city with a population of almost 1 million residents. It’s easy to get the attention of major labels and TV talent shows.

Forest & the Evergreens have done all of this without an album. They have a 2 year old EP online with just 3 songs and no physical material to hand out at their shows. They’ve endured multiple major band member changes and been told they don’t have it quite together enough to get signed to a label. They spent time and money to record a full length record that they decided to scrap and re-record. Lead vocalist Parker Muntz is a superstar in waiting. The minute he sings one note he’s the desire of every girl in the room and every guy wishes he had his presence and talent. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be told by many people, fans and high level industry executives, that you have IT but you don’t.

Forest (as they’re affectionately called by their fans) has endured many ups and downs in a couple short years. From where I stand I see that’s just pushing them even harder. Their attention to detail and their desire for their debut record to be of a high standard is clear, and I respect them greatly for that. Their home city of Columbus, Ohio has been craving the release of their record so hard that when it is released they’ll have no problem earning back the money they spent and justifying the time it took to perfect it. This band is an enigma to me, especially in a climate where bands can record one hit single and catapult them to world music domination. In an industry where the on-stage performance is the key to success, and that selling records is a dream from the past, Forest dominates the stage, but it seems can’t break out without a record.

So when you’re this good, why is it so hard?

Forest & the Evergreens is a product that sells itself. They virtually do zero promotion of their shows, everything is word of mouth through their fans and press, and they pack rooms all around the city. When you have something so good that people want, that consistently delivers, the people do all the work. Actually, it’s quite beautiful to witness. Once they get this album recorded and hit the road I know they’ll finally get everything they deserve, but the waiting is the hardest part, for all of us.

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Hebdo “You Ain’t From Around Here”



By the time most musicians in Columbus wake, Joey Hebdo and I are already hours into trading stories from our lives, a few espressos deep, sharing our observations on our musical experiences.  Hebdo writes songs the way he lives; wading through and exploring the boundaries society and the music industry have created, attempting to push and expand them, showing others that no one needs to be “boxed in”.  I believe I connect to him because I listen to music in the exact same way.

Every artist is told to define their style, giving their music a definitive label, which, to me, is “boxing it in”.  Hebdo defines his style of music as “Adventure Folk”.

Definition of “adventure”:  A bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

That might be the smartest label I’ve ever discovered; it’s like driving down a road without lane dividers, or a map.

The reason I value my morning talks with Joey is because he can be unpredictable; I’m always learning something new about him.  After digging into his music library I feel like I know a lot about him as an artist, but the music he has coming on the horizon is going to let you see the other side of him that I get to experience in those morning caffeinated sessions.  For me, listening to Joey the Musician alongside learning about Joey the Man is like standing on the beach looking out into the ocean:  I feel happy and content with the view while still experiencing wonder and excitement knowing that we’re only at the beginning.  We’re not just friends and music lovers, we are adventure folk.

Are you seeking an adventure?
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Maria Levitov “Table”


In my line of work I get hundreds of messages that say “Check out so and so’s music, you should book them, you should manage them” yada yada yada.  I mostly mentally file those in the “I’ll get to that when I have time” part of my brain, and since I never have any, well, hey I’m just being honest.  Maria was recommended to me by a dear friend, we entered into Facebook friendship, and I thought I recognized her face around Brothers Drake a few times.  One night I finally said “Aren’t you that girl?”, she said “Yes”, and a within minutes I’m in her car listening to rough cuts of her debut album she tells me she’s been working on for a decade.  They weren’t mixed or mastered but it was apparent they didn’t need to be.  Whatever sound was coming through those speakers into my soul were as perfect as they needed to be.  Maria has a natural tone about her voice that is best kept raw.  No effects, no editing, no frills need to be added for you to experience her impactful and unique sound.  Maria is exactly what Corner Sessions is about.  The real is in the raw.

The night before the shoot Maria said she was coming down with a bad cold and feared her performance would be affected.  She didn’t say she wasn’t going to sing, but that it might not be her best attempt.  The next morning I made her tea, poured her a couple shots of whiskey, and told her that raspy “sick voice” is the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard so don’t lose it.  This may not be, in her opinion, a “good showing”, but I’m desperate to find just one person who wouldn’t say she isn’t the most touching female voice they’ve ever heard.

I was honored to host her debut album release show on my stage last night, in the room we filmed this performance in.  I could go on and on about the event, between the intricate details leading up to it and the immense outpouring of love and support that flowed into the room throughout the night.  What I want anyone to know about Maria is this:

Her friends and supporters spent hours upon hours, over many months, to make sure she fulfilled her decade-long dream.  Money, time, compromises, and intense emotions were expended by many to break out what was being held in. 150 people were singing the words to her songs, and up to this point she barely had any recorded music aside from a few videos online.  We are a reflection of the company we keep, and Maria is a perfect example of what combining undeniable talent with community and support can do for a career.

Here’s to beginnings.

Luke Harris “Giant Conspiracy”

Stumbling into the Meadery one night I heard the voice of Thom Yorke coming from the stage, and when I looked up I found Lucas. Performing his own originals and a few Radiohead covers, I was hooked on his voice, hauntingly beautiful, like a drug. As part of the band Playing To Vapors, Luke has been able to expand his unique style of songwriting and showcase more than just “that voice”. For more on Luke and Playing To Vapors check out: and

Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons “Gonna Make That Man Mine”

Angela Perley is her own genre of Rock Chick.
Sweet and unassuming off stage, full of spice once that guitar gets strapped in. Oh, and she plays the saw too, making the moon howl in delight.
She’ll be releasing her new album “Hey Kid” on January 17, 2014 at Skullys Music Diner.   For all things AP, check out

Nick D’ & the Believers “Find A Little Love”

The song that you can’t stop playing and can’t stop singing.
Nick D’ & the Believers crash landed onto the Columbus music scene with “Find A Little Love”.  “Where did they come from?  Are they local?”  “Who is this Nick D kid, anyways?”  So many questions, but the answers don’t matter, just the songs.  Nick D has an impeccable talent at writing tunes that are easy to sing along to while invoking relatable thought.  As a result, NDB quickly gained notice from industry folk all around the United States and were signed to Secret Road licensing within a couple months of releasing this song.  Soon you’ll find their music all over the media, and you’ll be battling to get tickets to their sold-out shows.  This band is NEXT, and we are honored to have them as our FIRST Corner Session.  For more on NDB check out:

Dan White Sextet “People Power”

It’s hard to believe you can walk into a jazz club and see 20 year old girls screaming and dancing like they’re at a Justin Bieber concert, but it happens at dw6 shows.  The dw6 (Dan White Sextet) has been wowing crowds all over Columbus, OH, breaking the boundaries of what a typical jazz set “should” be.  The dw6 is constantly producing thoughtful, modern arrangements of classic songs, while composing new moving pieces that prove this genre will never fade. Youth, passion, humility and sincere honor to those who came before them are what accelerates this group at such a fast pace. For more on the dw6 check out